Our Salsas

All Natural • No Preservatives • No Sugar Added • Lactose and Gluten Free

Comes in 7.7oz, 16oz, 34oz, and foodservice bulk sizes.

•Made JUST with fresh ingredients including tomatoes, peppers, cactus, and spices in our different varieties

•Highest quality ingredients – nothing artificial •No tomato paste, no canned tomatoes, no natural or artificial colorings

•Fire Roasted. Authentic Mexican Salsas •Non-GMO

These flavorful, versatile salsas can be used for simply dipping, or as a topping to enhance any entrèe.



Quemada Salsa

A blend of tomatoes,
onions, peppers & spices


Habanero Salsa

A blend of habenero peppers,
tomatoes, onions, cilantro & spices


Nopal Salsa

A blend of tender cactus, green
tomatoes, onions, peppers & spices


Tatemada Salsa

A blend of green tomatoes,
onions, peppers & spices


Chipotle Salsa

A blend of chipotle peppers,
tomatoes, onions & spices