Our Favorite Recipes

Use our Salsas on dishes like these for a truly sensational flavor experience

Atlantic Salmon ala Martinez

Top your grilled or poached salmon with either our Tatemada or Nopal Salsas
for a dash of zing.



Spaghetti de la Casa

Spaghetti will never be the same. Simply mix either our Chipotle or Quemada Salsa
onto your already prepared spaghetti sauce for a wonderful flavor twist.



Cream Cheese Habanero

You’ll love this combo! Start with a block of fresh cream cheese then pour over
a jar of our Habanero Salsa. Dip it with chips until gone!



Meatloaf Olé

Wake up your meatloaf with our Chipotle salsa. Simply pour a jar over your
cooked meatloaf. The taste is spectacular!